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St. Bernardus ABT 12    9.75    Belgium   10% ABV    25cl
Richly textured brown ale; smooth, creamy & full-bodied. A classic.

Laughing Monk Coffee and Cream    6.5    San Francisco   5.5% ABV    33cl

A Cream ale with a golden hue and notes of coffee throughout. Finishes soft and creamy.

North Coast Le Merle     6.5    Fort Bragg   7.6% ABV    33cl
Saison brewed with the old world in mind. Very dry and rustic.

Andechs Spezial Hell Festbier    7.    Germany    5.9 % ABV    33cl
A Helles with a light cereal malt profile and a mild earthy, herbaceous finish. The perfect thirst quencher.

Revision Dr. Lupulin IIIPA    6.5    Nevada    11.3% ABV    25cl
Bursting with hints of mango with a finish that is dank but not too bitter.

Perennial Ales Hopfentea    7.5    Missouri    4.2% ABV    33cl
A Berliner-weisse steeped on a tropical tea blend. Tart, fruity, and very refreshing.

Baird Dark Sky    9.    Japan    7.5% ABV    25cl
This Imperial stout has smooth, malty body that’s loaded with flavors of dark chocolate, coffee, and roasted malts.

Shacksbury Barrel Reserve Ticonderoga    7.5    Vermont    6.9% ABV    25cl
Dry cider aged in rye and Madeira barrels. Hints of dried fruit, spice, and wood.

Russian River Scratching Post    7.75    Santa Rosa    4.75% ABV    33cl
A Belgian-style single with hints of fruit and a peppery finish.

Fieldwork Lilith    7.    Berkeley    8% ABV    33cl
A Golden Strong Ale with aromas of baked bread, fresh cut grass, and spice.

Stillwater Cellar Door    7.    Maryland    6.6% ABV    33cl
A hazy Wheat ale brewed with Sage. Citrus and spice notes, finishing dry.

Berryessa Mini Separation Anxiety    7.    Winters    4% ABV    Pint

Session Style IPA hopped with Mosaic. Think of it as the little brother to Separation Anxiety.

Bare Bottle Resinous Maximus IPA    7.    San Francisco    6.5% ABV    Pint
A Hazy NE style IPA with big, juicy aromas of citrus and tropical fruit with a hint of pine resin on the finish.


Allagash White Ale    7.75    Maine    5% ABV    40cl
Traditional Belgian-style Wheat beer brewed with coriander and orange peel.


Moonlight Reality Czeck Pils 7. Santa Rosa 4.8% ABV Pint

A delicate soft Lager. Brewed in Santa Rosa in the style of Pils.


Allagash Cuvée D’Industrial    9.    Maine    8.6% ABV    25cl
A blend of 24 select barrels from the Brewmaster’s wild beer cellar. Delicious notes of caramelized fruits and spice.

Stillwater Extra Dry    7.    Baltimore    3.8% ABV    25cl

Sessionable Saison brewed with rice to mimic the subtle flavors of sake.

Leipziger Rauch-gose “Pineus”    8.5    Germany    4.5% ABV   25cl
A smoky Gose that has been filtered through pine needles, imparting a citrusy, piney character.

La Trappe Dubbel    8.5    Netherlands    7% ABV    25cl
Flavors of caramel and toffee are offset by an elegant bitterness.

Wild Card Bandwagon Pale    7.    Redding    5.2% ABV    Pint
A New England style Pale ale that is bursting with citrus juice aromas and flavors.

Allagash Windfall    9.    Maine    6.1% ABV    25cl
A Brett fermented ale aged on ripe peaches. Subtle hints of blood orange, peach, grapefruit, and clove.

Simpleton Dolores Day Session IPA    7.    San Francisco    4.5% ABV    Pint
Crisp and refreshing Session IPA featuring strong citrus and tropical notes.

Borgo ReAle Extra    9.5    Italy    6.2% ABV    25cl
A copper colored ale with hints of citrus, pine, spice, and mango. Highly effervescent and dry.

Allagash Curieux    8.5    Maine    11% ABV    25cl
Belgian Triple barrel aged in Jim Beam barrels. Notes of coconut & Bourbon.

Redwood Curtain P & P Pale    7.    Arcata    5.5% ABV    Pint
Smooth, and refreshing pale ale with hints of Pine and Pineapple.