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St. Bernardus ABT 12    10.5           Belgium       10% ABV      25cl          

Richly textured brown ale; smooth, creamy & full-bodied. A classic.


Against the Grain One Brazillian Dollars   9.5      Kentucky      11% ABV     18 cl

A Smoked Wheat Wine aged in Angel’s Envy barrels. A collaboration brew with Morada Brewing in Chile.


Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptist     9.5          Utah      11.8%ABV      25cl

Imperial Stout brewed with barrel-aged coffee and aged in whiskey/bourbon barrels with cacao nibs.


Craftsman 1903 Lager   7.              Pasadena      5.6% ABV      Pint

A refreshing, pre-prohibition style Lager brewed with corn.


Fieldwork Gosaic    7.           Berkeley      4.4% ABV      33cl

A deliciously refreshing Gose brewed with sea salt and hopped with Mosaic. Fruity and tart with notes of melon.


Craftsman Angelino Weisse    7.5               Pasadena      6.1% ABV      25cl

Not your average Berliner Weisse. Brewed to a higher gravity; tart with notes of lemon peel.


Fifty Fifty BA Annularity   9.              Truckee       12.5% ABV        18cl    

A blonde Barley Wine dry hopped with Calypso and El Dorado then aged in Rye Whiskey barrels.


Shacksbury Cider  “Dry”   8.             Vermont      6.5 % ABV      25cl

A blend of domestic and European cider apples fermented with native Vermont yeasts.  Dry and citrusy.


North Coast Le Merle   7.            Fort Bragg      7.9% ABV      33cl

Saison brewed with the old world in mind.  Very dry and rustic.


Cleophus Quealy POG Saison   7.              San Leandro      6.6% ABV      33cl

A Tropical Barrel-aged Saison brewed with Passionfruit, orange, and guava.

Russian River Pliny the Elder    7.5                 Santa Rosa      8% ABV      33cl      

Classic old-school West Coast IPA.


Bare Bottle Palesforce.com   7.            San Francisco      5.4% ABV      Pint

A hazy Pale Ale that is light and crisp with a fruity and earthy hop profile. 


Bare Bottle Haighters Gonna Haight IPA   7.5    San Francisco      6.6% ABV      Pint

A N.E. Style IPA that is dank and herbaceous yet still light and citrusy.


Allagash White Ale    7.75             Maine      5% ABV      40cl

Traditional Belgian-style Wheat beer brewed with coriander and orange peel.


Moonlight Reality Czeck Pils    7.5              Santa Rosa      4.8% ABV      Pint

A delicate soft Lager. Brewed in Santa Rosa in the style of Czech Pils.




De La Senne Zinnebir    8.          Belgium      6% ABV        25cl    

Creamy blonde with herbal hop tones. Dry but luscious body, spicy floral finish. 


Insurgente La Lupulosa    6.5         Mexico      7.3% ABV        25cl

A malty IPA with an intense fruity and spicy aroma.


Petrus Aged Pale w/ Currants    10.           Belgium      7.3% ABV      25cl

caramel Pale Sour Flemish ale matured in oak for 24-30 on black currants.

La Trappe Dubbel   9.            Netherlands       7% ABV      25cl           

Flavors of caramel and toffee are offset by an elegant bitterness.


De La Senne The “T” Word    7.            Belgium      6.2% ABV      25cl

A Belgian style IPA with a peppery yeast profile and fruity hop aroma. Brewed for the Trappist’s 10 year anniversary!


Duvel   8.                  Belgium      8.5% ABV      25cl      

A Belgian Strong Ale brewed with Pilsner malt and Bohemian hops. Hints of floral hops, banana and clove.


St. Feuillien Triple    9.75            Belgium      8.5% ABV      25cl

A classic Belgian Triple. Dry, with notes of spice and citrus.


Boon Geuze    10.                  Belgium      7% ABV      25cl

A blend of 1, 2, and 3 year old 100% spontaneously fermented Lambic.


Laughing Monk Sister Charlotte   7.               San Francisco     6.8% ABV      Pint

Big and Juicy IPA with notes of citrus and stone fruit.


Allagash Curieux    9.5         Maine      11% ABV      25cl    

Belgian Triple barrel aged in Jim Beam barrels. Notes of coconut & Bourbon.



Wine by the glass



El Libre 2016 Sauvignon Blanc       Argentina      8. 


Smokescreen 2014 Chardonnay     Napa Valley      10. 


Fat Louis 2016 Cabaret Rosé          France      8.      


Care 2015 Tinto Joven Granacha / Syrah     Spain      8.    


Son of a Son 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon       San Luis Obisbo      10.