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St. Bernardus ABT 12    10.5               Belgium       10% ABV      25cl          

Richly textured brown ale; smooth, creamy & full-bodied. A classic.


Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomme    9.         San Marcos      11%ABV      25cl

A massive brown ale brewed with fruit then aged in bourbon barrels with sour cherries and Brett.


Epic Brewing Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist     9.5            Utah      11.4%ABV      25cl

Imperial Stout brewed with barrel-aged coffee, barrel-aged coconut and aged in whiskey & rum barrels with cacao.


North Coast PranQster     7.5           Fort Bragg      7.6% ABV      33cl

A faithful rendition of a Belgian-style Abbey Ale. Rich, yeasty, and fruity with a dry finish


Trois Dames Handel in Hand   10.5           Switzerland      6.5% ABV      18cl   

A barrel aged sour Red ale brewed with sage. Notes of tart cherries, oak, and earthy spice.


Fifty Fifty Grand Cru   12.      Truckee       11.9% ABV        25cl    

A Brewer’s blend of Imperial Stouts from the Eclipse 2017 series.


Rare Barrel Playing for Keeps      12.          Berkeley      6% ABV      25cl

A Golden Sour Ale brewed with orange zest. Nots of passion fruit, citrus, and guava.


South City Cider Dry Me A River   6.5           San Bruno      6.9% ABV      33cl

A dry apple cider that is crisp and clean with a mildly tart acidity.


Eagle Rock La Di Da Di   11.         Los Angeles      6.9% ABV      25cl

Barrel Aged, mixed fermented Saison dry hopped with citra and loral


Jester King Kvass   10.            Texas      3.4% ABV      25cl

A Farmhouse Ale brewed with bread from Miche Bread in Austin. Notes of baked bread with a subtly tart finish.


Drake's 30 and Kickin’    7.            San Leandro      12.3% ABV      25cl

A Triple IPA brewed to commemorate the Celebrator’s 30th Anniversary. Notes of citrus and tropical fruit.


Fort Point Mosaic Park    7.5           San Francisco      4.7% ABV     Pint

A single hopped variant featuring 100% Mosaic. Notes of citrus fruit and papaya.


Fieldwork Sensee Party    7.5         Berkeley      7% ABV      Pint

An IPA boasting flavors of tropical and citrus with just the right amount of bitterness.  


Allagash White Ale    7.75            Maine      5% ABV      40cl

Traditional Belgian-style Wheat beer brewed with coriander and orange peel.


Moonlight Reality Czeck Pils    7.5           Santa Rosa      4.8% ABV      Pint

A delicate soft Lager. Brewed in Santa Rosa in the style of Czech Pils.




Jester King Song of Binding   10.            Texas      6.9% ABV      18cl

Wild Ale inoculated in a coolship and fermented in foudres.  Aged an additional 14 months in Pinot Noir barrels.


Allagash Pastiche    10.5         Maine      8.5% ABV      25cl

A masterful blend of rye whiskey, vermouth, port, rum bourbon, red wine, gin, and brandy barrel aged beers.


Jester King Black Metal   10.5          Texas      10.4% ABV      25cl

Pouring pitch black, this Imperial stout boasts huge notes of roast, chocolate, and coffee.


Hitachino Red Rice    10.                Japan     5.5% ABV      25cl

Brewed with coriander, nutmeg, orange peel and juice. Citrusy, light, and refreshing.


Hitachino Dai Dai IPA   9.5              Japan      6.2% ABV      25cl

An IPA brewed with floor malted Marris Otter and “Fukure Mikan” oranges. Dry, with a citrusy aroma.


Hitachino Commemorative Eisbock    9.5           Japan     9% ABV      25cl

A bock that has undergone ice distillation, condensing the rich malty and caramel flavors.


Hitachino Classic Ale    9.5        Japan     7% ABV      25cl

A recreation of the first Japanese beer made in the Edo Period. This old style IPA is aged in cedar barrels.


Jester King Petite Prince   8.           Texas      2.9% ABV      25cl

A Farmhouse Table beer fermented with indigenous yeasts. Dry with notes of citrus and grain. Mildly tart.


Cervecería Fauna Mala Vida   6.5            México      6.2% ABV      25cl

Una cerveza de estilo belga con un sabor a malta y aromas frutales suaves.


Jester King Vague Recollection 2017   10.       Texas      6% ABV      18cl

Farmhouse ale aged on spent Syrah & Sangiovese pomace adding delicate notes from both varietals.   



Wine by the glass



El Libre 2016 Sauvignon Blanc       Argentina      8. 


Smokescreen 2014 Chardonnay     Napa Valley      10. 


Fat Louis 2016 Cabaret Rosé          France      8.      


Care 2015 Tinto Joven Granacha / Syrah     Spain      8.    


Son of a Son 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon       San Luis Obisbo      10.