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St. Bernardus ABT 12    10.5                Belgium       10% ABV      25cl          

Richly textured brown ale; smooth, creamy & full-bodied. A classic.


Fort Point Darling    6.              San Francisco      3.7% ABV      33cl

A refreshing Berliner Weisse with a mild acidity and a subtle, bready finish. The perfect warm weather refresher.


Allagash Black   8.         Maine      7.5% ABV      33cl

A Belgian inspired stout with notes of coffee and dark chocolate. Silky smooth finish


Allagash Little Brett    8.             Maine      4.6% ABV      25cl

Mosaic hopped quaffer 100% fermented with Brettanomyces.


Bavik Super Pilsner    7.      Belgium      5.2% ABV      Pint

A clean and refreshing German-style Pilsner with a smooth malt backbone and subtle bitterness.


Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout   9.75        Michigan    11.2% ABV      25cl

Imperial coffee/vanilla Stout aged in Bourbon barrels.


New Glory Dripping Wet DIPA   7.             Sacramento      8.1% ABV      33cl

Hazy DIPA with aromas of peach, pineapple, papaya, and mango.


Baird Red Rose Amber Ale    8.             Japan      5.4% ABV      25cl

A “Stream” style Amber ale with subtle, fruity aromas and a caramel malt sweetness.


Russian River Damnation    7.75        Santa Rosa      7.75% ABV      33cl

Belgian style Golden Ale. Firm and spicy with a clean, dry finish.


Alvarado Street Imperial International Style Juice DIPA.   7.     Monterey     8 % ABV     33cl

A truly juicy DIPA brewed with Mosaic, Citra, and Aamarillo!


De La Senne The “T” Word    7.5      Belgium      6.2% ABV      33cl

A Belgian style IPA with a peppery yeast profile and fruity hop aroma. Brewed for the Trappist’s 10 year anniversary!


Boneyard Bone-A-Fide Pale    7.5          Oregon      5.5% ABV      Pint

Dry hopped west coast. Crisp, floral with a bite at the finish.


BareBottle Tropic Thunder Dust IPA   7.5           San Francisco      6.6% ABV      Pint

A juicy IPA hopped with Sorachi Ace, Cashmere, and Citra. Notes of pineapple and coconut.


Allagash White Ale    7.75          Maine      5% ABV      40cl

Traditional Belgian-style Wheat beer brewed with coriander and orange peel.


Fort Point KSA    7.5        San Francisco      4.6% ABV     Pint

A clean and refreshing Kolsch with subtle amount of bitterness.





Baird Brewer’s Nightmare Rye IPA    9.              Japan      6.5% ABV      25cl

Citrusy and floral on the nose with a hint of pepper and spice on the finish.


Allagash Pick Your Own    9.5       Maine      6% ABV      18cl

A 2 year old sour foeder aged ale aged additionally on raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and cherries.


Hitachino Dai Dai IPA   9.5          Japan      6.2% ABV      25cl

An IPA brewed with floor malted Marris Otter and “Fukure Mikan” oranges. Dry, with a citrusy aroma.


Baird The Carpenter’s Mikan Ale    9.               Japan      6.7% ABV      25cl

A zesty ale brewed with Japanese sugars and Mikans. Flavor is fruity and citrusy. 


La Trappe Quad  9.5            Netherlands       10% ABV      25cl           

Strong, flavorful, and smooth. Dark Strong Ale from Holland.


Allagash Confluence    9.          Maine      7.4% ABV      25cl

Belgian-style Ale fermented with their house yeast and Brettanomyces.


Phantom Carriage Old Man of the Sea   7.            Carson      4.5% ABV      33cl

A traditional Leipzig Gose brewed with sea salt and coriander.


Allagash Curieux    9.5           Maine      11% ABV      25cl    

Belgian Triple barrel aged in Jim Beam barrels. Notes of coconut & Bourbon.


New Glory Dimed Out IPA   7.5           Sacramento      6.8% ABV      Pint

Hazy IPA with big notes of fresh squeezed citrus and tropical fruit.


Russian River Temptation    9.              Santa Rosa      7.25% ABV      25cl

A wild blonde ale aged in French oak for 12 months.




Wine by the glass



El Libre 2016 Savignon Blanc                Argentina      8. 


Calanchi Di Vaiano 2016 Chardonnay         Italy      10.


Care 2016 Solidarity Rose                               Spain      8. 


PIOS 2013 Excomugado Douro             Portugal      10. 


Barossa Valley Estate 2015 GSM         Australia      11.