Chef Michael O'Brien's menu is prepared in our tiny kitchen with local, seasonal products

and an eye toward beer friendliness.




Giardiniera  Pickled vegetables with herb vinaigrette    6.


Marinated Olives  Rosemary, thyme, garlic, and citrus    6.


Green Eggs & Eggs  Gently boiled eggs, wasabi tobiko, Japanese mayonnaise, habanero oil    6.


Beer Nuts  Housemade with a touch of Cayenne pepper    4.



Cheeses    7. each   or   3 for 18.    Your selection or Chef's choice


Idiazabal ~ Spain   Soft and smoky sheep’s milk cheese  

Beemster Goat ~ Holland   Goat milk, aged 4 months, smooth, clean and sweet

Brie ~ Marin Co   Triple cream cow’s milk brie. Sweet, soft, and slightly tangy

Cambozola ~ Germany   Soft and creamy cow’s milk suffused with gorgonzola



Charcuterie    2 for 9.   or   4 for 16.    Your selection or Chef's choice


Salame Finocchiona ~ Dry-cured salame with fennel seed

Prosciutto ~ Domestically produced by La Quercia. Tender and full flavored.

Perdition Pâté de Campagne ~ Rustic pork shoulder terrine enhanced with pork liver.

Perdition Hog’s Head Cheese ~ Pork head terrine with mire poix.

Capicola ~ Dry-cured whole-muscle Pork cut from the neck to the shoulder.



D’Anjou Pear Salad   Arugula, sliced fennel, Pt. Reyes blue cheese, spiced walnuts, Sherry vinaigrette    8.5


Grilled Cheese   Creamy Fontina and Gruyere cheeses, sweet onion jam, on levain with a side of tomato soup dip    9.5


Trappist Reuben   Mikkeller Bar pastrami, Gruyere, house sauerkraut, house dressing on rye    11.5


Winter Spice Chili   Perdition brisket, topped with sour cream and chives    11.


Portuguese Soup   Perdition linguiça, kale, white beans and Yukon Gold potatoes.    11.


Mac ‘n Cheese   Jack and Gruyere Béchamel (please allow 15 minutes)    10.    add Perdition bacon    1.5


Pumpkin Bread Pudding   Crème Fraiche, Petrus Aged Pale Poached Cranberries   6.


Imperial Stout Chocolate Mousse  Toasted hazelnuts, whipped cream    4.